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Condemnation after Iraqi-Kurd journalists given 6 years in jail

This report was originally published on Al Jazeera By Sofia Barbarani in Baghdad and Hakeem Dawd Qaradaghi in UK Baghdad, Iraq – Iraqi Kurdish journalists Sherwan Sherwani and Guhdar Zebari were sentenced to six years in jail in a move that has been labelled “unfair and disproportionate” by press freedom group the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). The men […]


Three journalists and Two Political Activists are Accused of “Undermining National Security”, ‎charges Carrying Life Sentences ‎

Today (February 15, 2021) five of the those journalists and activists who have been arrested for months by partisan-affiliated forces in Duhok, stood trial at the second branch of Erbil’s Criminal Court in the capital city of Erbil. Three freelance journalists (Ayaz Karem, Guhdar Zebari, Sherwan Sherwani) and two civil society activists (Hariwan Ess, Shivan […]